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Meet the Muse.. Fiona Short !

In our new monthly feature we will be meeting up and hanging out with the girls we would describe as our Modern muses ! Cos lets face it.. who doesn't love to hear about a Sister doing it for herself ?!

In our very first instalment we catch up with Fiona Short AKA 'Weird Model Face' Depop enthusiast, 90s Style rejuvenator and all around Cool girl !

**muse ;** (mjuːz/)

A woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist (.. or in our case a Group.. Team VULGAR x).

Peckham based Weird Model face has been creeping up on our radar for sometime now with her punchy insta imagery, dreamy Depop finds and 90s swayed style ! When she agreed to spend the day hanging out with us lot at VULGAR HQ, we were way too excited to say the least !

Where do you find your fashion inspiration ?

err.. Mainly from my friends I suppose.. and off instagram, every time I'm with someone my style will change, like from today I will take something and my style will change.

How would you describe your personal style ?

Hmmmmmmm.. [long pause] Not Bold.. Bright ? Furry ? I dunno, how would you describe your personal style ?! [laughs] Lets say 90's with a Bit of Glamour !

Fave go-to outfit ?

High waisted Mom jeans and a really comfy top.. just something really easy.

Ultimate style Icons ?

Oooohh I don't know I could say loads of people, I think they change everyday, I just have to go through my instagram, [gets iPhone out] I like grungy but effortless, you know like Kate Moss, I like 90's Liv Tyler, 90's Winona Ryder.. also a weird reference but do you remember Betty Spaghetti dolls ? Ha Ha, Brigitte Bardot.. Kurt Cobain and not really fashion but Keith Haring for the colours and style.

What is your Dream Job ?

Buying and Selling Clothes!

**So, what your doing right now then basically ?**

Yes. Definitely just being involved with clothes cos that's what I love, it's just fun !

What's your current 9 to 5 ?


Cool, so how did you get into that ?

I had my year out and I had loads of stuff I needed to sell, I went on Depop and it started to get popular so I decided to put a little more effort into it.

Perks of the Job ?

You meet loads of people, it's fun and you end up finding loads of really cool Stuff !

So, where is home to you right now ?


3 Albums on a desert island which you gonna pick ?

Some NWA [laughs] ..probably some Madonna, I mean you've got to get some mixture in there you're gonna have to listen to this stuff.. [Pause] Patti Smith.. Tame impala [Chants in unison] "Shaking his big grey trunk for the hell of it"..

Eye liner or Lipstick ?


Fave Snack?

That's a hard one.. avocado on toast !

Cats or Dogs ?

Cats cos i've never had a dog, Cats are Chill.

Sneakers or Heels ?


Any in Particular ?

I'd say Reebok's, cos thats what I have now.

Lets talk Vintage era's...

30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and Noughties. Which are your faves ?

I'd say 70's / 90's.. A mixture of that. I used to like the 60's a lot, but Ive kinda gone out of that. Early 2000's too.

What is it that you like about those ?

Suede, Browney / Orange stripey little tops, like, I dunno, I like the short little 70's hair cuts. 90's Chokers, spaghetti strips, weird sunnies, double denim.. But I suppose thats more 2000's. Id say Im probably more 2000's actually. Camo, Gwen Stefani.

Whats your best ever Vintage-find ?

I wouldn't say its Vintage, but its this; Bright purple, metallic puffa coat. [She pulls the most dreamy coat out of her bag.. a purple Lame Puffa jacket by Gant with a Lustrous Purple Fur Collar] Yeah this..

Any lucky vintage hand me downs you think we need to hear about ?

I'd say jewellery from my Dad.

Anything in particular ?

Theres this really nice Valentino necklace I... [Pauses] Stole from him!.. Well, he hasn't asked for it back [Smiles]. Its a really simple pendant with Valentino on it, Its kind of trashy, but it looks really good.

Location - Vulgar Studio / Sheffield Independent Quarter

Model - Fiona Short [ Depop- @FIONASHORT ]


Words - Amber Savage [ Instagram @VULGARsheffield ]

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