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The New School Cool

As everyone starts packing up their notebooks, updating stationary and putting outfits together for the first day back to School, College or University, we are busy adding some of the best vintage pieces to make sure you hit the halls feeling fine!

We all know that nervous feeling you get when returning after the Summer is over, trying to learn how to write again, avoiding the teacher you awkwardly bumped into at a pub while school was out, impressing the guy (or girl) you got with and of course figuring out if how to wow everyone with your new garms. Whether you're updating tired essentials or if you're going all out with a new look, we have the shop full of individual pieces you can't miss.

Here are our own #Vulgarfaves but hit the links below to shop the rest of the collection..

Here's hoping everyone's new term goes well. Here's some of our favourite school squads who are always in fashion.

Saved By The Bell!

Heartbreak High!

Sweet Valley High!

California Dreams!

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